Copyright Alan Sherry 2014 Solo The Hairy Tongues All types of music from  pop through Irish. I have  about 400 songs that I  play, so there’ll be  something for everyone.  Having worked in hotels  for a long time, I have a  good feeling for what  type of musical mood is  suitable for a particular  audience. Just the thing  for parties,  anniversaries etc.   Shebeen Connection We’ve been playing together  since about 1995 now. The  band happened rather than  being formed, as we used to  meet often at sessions. At  some stage people started to  ask us to play for them. We  play mostly Irish, although  not excusively. The music is  equally suitable for pubs  and concerts.   Moondance Linda and I have being playing  together since 2007. We came  together because we like the same  music (what a surprise) and we  intuitively know what the other person  is about to do (something that usually  takes many years - or just never  happens). We do quality songs that  are ideal for company events and  parties where the music should be  present without being too dominant.  We also have a special set for  concerts. We formed under the motto  “There’s too much serious stuff  going on in life“. So we’re a band  who don’t take ourselves too  seriously, and play anything we  take a fancy to.