I was born in Ireland in the city of Waterford in a modest family and enjoyed a sheltered upbringing with my father and mother and my one older sister.

Being a fairly introspective child I didn’t have a large circle of  friends but in my teens I discovered the wireless. After saving up my pocket money for a long time I finally bought a good wireless an so began my love of music.At about 16 I started working in hotels, lost my shyness and discovered the guitar. I started playing in pubs and sessions, got taught by lots of good players and haven’t stopped since

In 1988 I moved to Germany to work in a 5 Star hotel, and used my spare time to improve my guitar playing and singing. But I did’n’t have a lot of spare time, so I decided I needed another job. In 1994 I started working in a musical instrument shop in Frankfurt and began doing public appearaences. In 2003 haveing realized that the standard of service in the shop was inadequate (to my mind) I decided to open my own shop in the Berliner Str. 20 in Frankfurt so now I now live from music. Aaah... life’s good.